Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Спаси нас, Трамп!

Вот уже американские нефтяники завопили чтобы их выручили, захотели под крылышко Госплана. Чтобы хлеб по 20 копеек и водка по 3.62, пардон чтобы нефть по $62 за бочку государственным декретом, а импорт тарифы доплачивал до этой цены. Какая прелесть.

...what I’m suggesting may sound treasonous, but only because it is. What I’m saying is you need to fix the price of oil, maybe basin by basin, or one price for all. Set it at $62/bbl if one price for all. All imported oil would be subject to a tariff. This includes all the Sulphur-rich, low-quality oil the Saudi’s are sending into their state-owned Motiva refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, along with all the other heavy crudes shipped into our ports.

Там ещё интересные "жалобы турка":
...One last point worth mentioning is that energy independence was about to fall apart anyway. The present structure of shale wasn’t working—“present” meaning two months ago. Producers can’t generate free cash flow, pay off ridiculously (and irresponsibly) large amounts of debt, and grow reserves at the same time, at least not if they want to stay listed on the NYSE. The industry was already struggling at $55 oil and $1.80 gas. Everyone was hedging every time there was a little bounce. Service companies in the shale sector were being squeezed into unprofitability.

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