Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Русский - значит трезвый?

Статья в американском веб-журнале Salon.

Is Russia kicking its vodka habit?
According to some studies, the country's generations-long struggle with alcohol is on the decline

...Before I came to this country I vaguely recall reading somewhere online that an increasing number of young Russians are against drinking alcohol, and that even to suggest doing so in their company is to commit something of a faux pas. With Western media outlets continuing to pump out stories on the dangers alcohol does to Russia, I barely took any notice of it, and put it down to the widespread tendency of people to universalize their own experiences — until I started to have such experiences myself, with a surprising regularity...

...The non-drinkers I have asked suggest a range of factors that might explain this change in Russian society. Studies have shown that the stricter government controls introduced in 2006 have certainly had an effect on reducing alcoholism and alcohol-related deaths. But among regular, non-problem drinkers, something more fundamental seems to be happening...

...Underlying these explanations is a strong desire to distance themselves from not just their parents’ and grandparents’ generations – as is the norm across the world – but from the drab, grey clichés of Soviet poverty, and of 1990s criminality and chaos. When I bring up tales of vodka-drinking competitions, such behavior is seen not merely as passe, but positively and disgustingly otherworldly...

None of the young abstainers I’ve spoken with are particularly proselytizing about it, but they are quite intent on dispelling any negative stereotypes an ignorant foreigner like myself might have about Russia being a den of alcoholism, violence and drug abuse.

Но не надо переживать за разваливающиеся стереотипы. Всегда под рукой найдётся призоносный писатель или кинорежиссер который расскажет и покажет что все русские неизменно начинают день с бутылки водки. А статистика? Ну как же можно давать этим лживым цифрам марать художественную честность свободомыслящего креакла?

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