Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Привет из Косово

Силы самообороны Крыма:
...The checkpoint guard was like a warlord from central casting: an impressively dense beard, long black hair and fur hat. On his sleeve, a badge with a golden death’s head.

But it turned out the guard, Bratislav, had a good sense of humor. He was Serbian and a member of the Chetniks, a nationalist paramilitary, he told us. He and four comrades had been called in a few days ago from Kosovo by pro-secession “Cossacks from the Don,” he said, pointing to the half-dozen grim men behind him wielding batons and Kalashnikovs while checking other incoming cars.

They had all gathered in Crimea “to protect the Russian brothers from the fascists” who, he said, wanted to take over the Black Sea peninsula. “We’re no war dogs,” the 39-year-old Bratislav insisted. “We want peace. We are just making sure nobody brings in weapons or explosives.”...

Is Crimea the Next Yugoslavia?

Не исключаю что автор наврал на пол-статьи, но очевидно что мироздание смеется над его целевой аудиторией.
Кто самодовольно хрюкал и улюлюкал когда бомбы падали на Косово и на Сербию, сейчас визжит как резаная свинья, когда Россия бескровно вошла в Крым.

Получите, распишитесь, гадёныши.

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