Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Две интересные статьи на воскресной редакционной странице New York Times

Первая - вроде бы невинные детские воспоминания о давншнем летнем лагере, показывает насколько настоящая средняя Америка остаётся погруженной в мракобесие и лубочное христианство, с буквальной интерпретацией библейских сказок:

IN elementary school, I spent a great deal of energy trying to explain the difference between atheism and devil worship. Until second grade I answered the commonplace query: "Where do you go to church?" with this: "My father says that we don't believe in God." Adults took this information with shocked silence, but children lack restraint. "You're a devil worshiper?," they asked. I didn't think I was but I asked Daddy who assured me that we were not. "Atheists," he explained, "don't believe in the devil either."

Вторая - о политическом преследовании журналистки и зажиме свободы слова, идёт корнями в весьма грязную интригу перед иракской войной, когда администрация Буша старалась дискредитировать тех кто не принимал на веру сказки о "нигерском уране", "алюминиевых трубах для урановых центрифуг" и тому подобную чушь которой она прикрывалась для своей военной авантюры:

WHEN John Dean published his book "Worse Than Watergate" in the spring of 2004, it seemed rank hyperbole: an election-year screed and yet another attempt by a Nixon alumnus to downgrade Watergate crimes by unearthing worse "gates" thereafter. But it's hard to be dismissive now that my colleague Judy Miller has been taken away in shackles for refusing to name the source for a story she never wrote. No reporter went to jail during Watergate. No news organization buckled like Time. No one instigated a war on phony premises. This is worse than Watergate.


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