Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Не только Норвегия

То ли жара, то ли предстоящий дефолт - страна Америка как будто всбесилась.
Новости за один день:

Шестеро убиты на роликовом катке, в пригороде Далласа:

Gunman Kills Self and 5 Others at Texas Rink
GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (AP) — A man attending a birthday party at a North Texas roller rink opened fire Saturday night after an apparent spat between family members, killing five people and wounding at least three others before fatally shooting himself, authorities said.

The shootings happened about 7 p.m. at Forum Roller World in Grand Prairie when police said the man drew a pistol during a fight between a husband and wife.

Трое застрелены насмерть, и ещё одна женщина при смерти на сьезде байкеров в Аризоне

Three dead in shooting at Arizona motorcycle rally
A shooting late Friday at a motorcycle rally in Northern Arizona left three dead and one critically wounded, police said on Saturday.
The killings at Mormon Lake, a few miles south of Flagstaff, happened as an annual rally called "Too Broke for Sturgis" was just getting underway, the Coconino County Sheriff's Office said.
A sergeant with the sheriff's office assigned to the event radioed in at about 11:20 p.m. Friday that he had heard shots fired.
Callers to 911 directed officers to a campground on Mormon Lake, where they found two men and one woman dead from gunshot wounds and a fourth woman, shot six times, clinging to life.

По крайней мере восемь человек ранено на автомобильном шоу в штате Вашингтон:

As many as eight people were wounded in a shooting at a low-rider car show outside a Kent, Washington, strip mall late Saturday afternoon, according to a King County fire and rescue dispatcher.
"We have a ton of medical staff on the scene and are transporting people to local hospitals," the dispatcher said.
A witness who works at a business near the shooting site told CNN affiliate KOMO that she heard about 10 shots.
"I saw a lot of people running everywhere, running across the street, then the cops showed up," the witness, Trish Harvey, said.

Наверное, всё это от недостаточного количества оружия у населения. Особенно в Техасе, ага.

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