Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

В обратную сторону

В NY Times статья "Money Trickles North as Mexicans Help Relatives" про мексиканских нелегалов-гастарбайтеров в Америке - из-за кризиса такое количество их сидят сейчас без работы, что их бедные родственники в Мексике вынуждены помогать им - посылать деньги обратно в США, иногда хотя бы для того чтобы те смогли вернутьcя обратно:

Unemployment has hit migrant communities in the United States so hard that a startling new phenomenon has been detected: instead of receiving remittances from relatives in the richest country on earth, some down-and-out Mexican families are scraping together what they can to support their unemployed loved ones in the United States.

“We send something whenever we have a little extra, at least enough so he can eat,” said Mr. Salcedo, who is from a small village here in the rural state of Oaxaca and works odd jobs to support his wife, his two younger sons and, now, his jobless eldest boy in California.

He is not alone. Leonardo Herrera, a rancher from outside Tuxtla Gutiérrez in the southern state of Chiapas, said he recently sold a cow to help raise $1,000 to send to his struggling nephew in northern California.

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