Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Быть интегрированным в мировую элиту

Листая кабельные каналы, наткнулся на сегодняшную программу BBC America. Вот чем сегодня потчуют:

3:00 PM
My Small Breasts and I
My Small Breasts and I uncovers the complex, poignant and sometimes amusing relationship women have with their tiny breasts. Talking candidly, 3 women reveal how they feel about their own bodies and the lengths to which they'll go to change their bodies.

4:00 PM
18 Pregnant Schoolgirls
In 2008, officials uncovered a reported "pregnancy pact" at a school in Massachusetts, and nearly twenty girls sixteen-and-under who were expecting children. This documentary sets out to find the true story behind the headlines that rocked the world.

5:00 PM
Addicted to Surrogacy
There are women out there who love getting pregnant - and then giving their babies away. Many women have been surrogates more than once, and the truth behind what drives them is far more complex than money or altruism.

6:00 PM
Should I Smoke Dope?
Journalist Nicky Taylor travels to Amsterdam to investigate the growing debate about the legalization of marijuana. While there, she discovers first-hand what the effects of cannabis are on everyday life.

"Я и мои маленькие сиськи"
"18 беременных школьниц"
"Подсевшая на суррогатное материнство"
"Не закурить ле мне травку?"

Мировая интеллектуальная медиа-элита, хуле

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