Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Шушпанчики засуетились

Committee to Protect Journalists отреагировали на моё расследование о количестве погибших журналистов (и статью в Экзайле). Прислали письмо в Johnson's Russia list. Пытаются оправдываться. Получается у них это неважно:

Subject: CPJ Responds to Coverage about
Journalists Killed in Russia [re JRL #44]
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008
From: "Abi Wright" <>

March 17, 2008
Dear David:

Recent coverage distributed by Johnson's Russia
List appears to question the motivation of the
Committee to Protect Journalists in pointing out
that Russia is the world's third deadliest
country for the press. We'd like to respond.

CPJ also identifies countries such as the
Philippines and Colombia, two strong U.S. allies,
as among the deadliest for the press. They are
fourth and fifth, right behind Russia. Iraq is
the world's deadliest country for journalists in
the aftermath of the U.S. invasion.

The coverage seems to suggest that CPJ unfairly
considers events such as car accidents to be
work-related deaths for Russia. CPJ does list one
Russian case involving a car, but it was not an
accident by any reasonable definition. In 2005,
television cameraman Pavel Makeev was struck by
car as he was filming illegal street racing.
Blood evidence shows his body was dragged 50 feet
from the point of impact; the absence of tire
marks shows the driver did not attempt to brake.
Makeev's video camera and cell phone were taken.
No one notified police of this "accident."

CPJ has highlighted Russia, as it has the
Philippines and Colombia, not only because of the
number of murders but because of these nations'
inability to successfully prosecute these cases.
Russia has gained convictions in one journalist
murder out of 14 since 2000. The Philippines and
Colombia have had similarly deficient records.

Journalist deaths are, of course, not the only
measure of press freedom. That's why CPJ has
spoken out against censorship in Burma and North
Korea, and court harassment of the press in the United States and Brazil.

But the recurring murders of journalists and the
failure of authorities in Russia, the
Philippines, and Colombia to prosecute the
killers is a fundamental attack on the right of
all people to receive and impart information freely.

Our research on journalist murders in Russia and
countries around the world is available on our Web site,

Joel Simon
Executive Director
Committee to Protect Journalists

Abi Wright
Communications Director
Committee to Protect Journalists
212-465-1004, x105

Марк Эймс прислал письмецо - говорит, он обсуждал это с одним из ведущих американских корреспондентов в Москве, и приводит его слова:
"that means your article did hurt them. otherwise they would have tried to ignore it.
i'll bet their assessment of russia changes a bit next time around."

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