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Пару дней назад писал о Поле Джойале, которого ранили в окрестностях Вашингтона вскоре после того как он в телепередаче обвинял Путина в убийстве Литвиненко.

Сейчас полиция вроде склоняется к версии что это всегго лишь неудачная попытка угнать его машину: (Washingon DC)
March 5, 2007
Police: Intelligence Expert Shooting Was Carjacking Gone Bad
Joyal Recently Appeared On 'Dateline NBC'

ADELPHI, Md. -- Police said that the shooting of an expert on Russian affairs that happened last week appears to be a carjacking gone bad.

Intelligence expert Paul Joyal was shot Thursday in the driveway of his Adelphi, Md., home.

Investigators said Monday that a group of men followed Joyal to his home in an attempt to steal his car, a struggle ensued and Joyal was shot in the stomach. Police said the assailants fled the scene in a getaway car.

Joyal had recently appeared on "Dateline NBC" to speak out about the poisoning death of former spy Alexander Litvinenko.

Some had speculated that Joyal's television appearance and the shooting may have been linked.

Sources told News4 that investigators found no evidence that the Russian government was involved in any way in the shooting incident.

Initial police reports showed that Joyal had been robbed and that his wallet and briefcase had been stolen. Sources said Monday that the briefcase and wallet had both been accounted for.

The incident remains under investigation. Police have been going from door to door in the area trying to find potential witnesses.

Prince George's County State's Attorney Glen Ivey said he is a good friend of Joyal.

"(Joyal is a) good man, does a lot of good work in the community, great family man. We're wishing him and his family all the best," Ivey said.

Joyal continues to recover in a hospital.

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