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Наконец-то Марк Эймс, кажется, решил проблему с серверами, eXile теперь доступен. В последнем номере сразы две моих статьи.

Подколка для плюгавых нациков из балтийских стран:

Baltic Countries: Always Somebody’s Bitch      

Over the past few weeks surrounding the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, some former Soviet satellites raised a big stink demanding an apology from Russia for the "occupation" after WWII. Russia should really apologize for one mistake. They shouldn't have extended an invitation to the likes of Latvia and Estonia in the first place. What's the point of having these little Nazi stooges at the Moscow parade anyway?

Russian officials engaged in rather tortuous and silly rhetoric denying the "occupation." Frankly, it's a pointless argument. If you're a small, piddling principality in the vicinity of big serious powers, you get stomped, period. You can call it "occupation," "domination," "vassalage." It does not change things much. You're just a freaking doormat. You're told what to do, and are obliged to lick the big boots that rule over you.

А так же на экономико-финансовую тему, по поводу коллапса "Вашингтонского Консенуса":


There is a new book just out, by Paul Blustein, who wrote several books previously on the IMF and global finance. It is called And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out): Wall Street, the IMF and the Bankrupting of Argentina. It describes mainly the events of 2001, culminating in the spectacular economic collapse there.

The book will probably not cause much of a sensation or even get noticed, especially compared with yet another installation of dreary globo-slobber that just congealed -- The World is Flat by Tom Friedman. And yet the events described in Blustein's book were truly important ones. Argentina's meltdown wasn't just a routine emerging markets crisis. It was the biggest sovereign default in history -- more than $100 Billion went down the drain, far more than in Russia in August 1998. It was also the last nail into the reign of the "Washington Consensus" ideology, sending it into the dustbin of history -- although you wouldn't hear that from Washington politicians or IMF financiers



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