April 27th, 2021


Байден убивает журналистов

в сегодняшних США случайные (возможно) пули просто так залетают в окна и убивают находящихся внутри.

Young reporter killed by stray bullet through apartment window
A 24-year-old reporter in Missouri has died after she was struck by a stray bullet that flew through her apartment window, her colleagues said.
Aviva Okeson-Haberman, a journalist at public radio station KCUR, was hit by a bullet that flew through the window of her first-floor apartment Friday afternoon in Kansas City, news station KMBC reported.
Okeson-Haberman’s colleagues broke the news of her death in a tribute that remembered her as “brilliant.”
“Even as an intern, her approach to storytelling and her ability to hold those in power accountable paralleled many a veteran reporter,” KCUR news director Lisa Rodriguez said in the station’s story.
Okeson-Haberman had been reporting on Missouri government and politics for the station, but was planning a move to Lawrence, Kansas, for a new gig covering criminal justice issues for the Kansas News Service...

Если бы произошло в России, всякие CNN/NYT уже бы раструбили что "Путин опять убивает журналистов"?