January 17th, 2021


Грехопадение Илларионова

Анатолий Карлин, один из лучших русскоязычных публицистов пишущих в основном на английском, цитирует мою статью 15-летней давности в "Экзайле" про Илларионова:

...Andrey Illarionov is an emigre Russian libertarian economist who broke up with Putin in 2005 over his opposition to the Yukos case against Khodorkovsky.

At the time, Western journalists were shocked and aghast over his removal as an economic advisor to the President. Kirill Pankratov, writing at the erstwhile eXile, compiled some of the reactions:

“…the very fact that Mr. Illarionov was driven to such unusual defiance confirmed that dismay over Mr. Putin’s course is not limited to political opponents or foreign critics…It would be a terrible mistake to gag the very people Mr. Putin prized for their candor” (NY Times);
“…These reformers were pushed out when Mr. Putin secured his second term and started to reveal his true stripes. Mr. Illarionov’s pep talks abroad could no longer disguise the real Vladimir Putin. …showed that rule of law and property rights stand no chance in Mr. Putin’s Russia …should destroy any lingering delusions about Mr. Putin. The Russian leader is no democrat or reformer. It also suggests that some ambitious Russians believe that the time may be ripe to stand up and fight Mr. Putin” (Wall Street Journal);
“The outspoken silenced… Marginalising one of the few liberals left in the Kremlin… It is time to see Mr. Putin as a challenger, and not a friend” (The Economist);
“…another ominous sign that Putin, a former KGB officer, will tolerate no further dissent…” (Knight Ridder Newspapers);
“…Kremlin is becoming a closed box to even the most seasoned Russia watchers, one of the few administration insiders who has openly expressed his views is being punished for doing so.” (Moscow Times)
(As Pankratov points out, there was no similar din and seethe when G.W. Bush dismissed his economic advisor Larry Lindsey for not quite being enthusiastic enough about the Iraq War on account of the $200 billion that he estimated it would cost. An extreme underestimate, as it would turn out. But he was out).

After his ejection from the Russian government in 2005, Illarionov spent the next 15 years criticizing Putin and Russia at the CATO Institute – up to the point of demanding sanctions against Russia and advising the US on how best to implement them on the pages of the NATO/Western arms manufacturer-funded Atlantic Council.

Илларионов всегда был шарлатаном, но до последнего времени полезным шарлатаном для американского истеблишмента. Всего лишь одного эпизода мыслепреступления было достаточно чтобы эта ситуация кардинально изменилась.

Настучавшим на Илларионова в "Институт Катона", конечно же не удивительно, был свой же, из рукопожатной либеральной тусовки, Илья Засранский, пардон, Заславский (о нем последний раз я слышал тоже лет 15 или больше назад, но, оказывается, жив курилка).

Поскольку старый сайт "Экзайла" сейчас плохо доступен, под катом приведу саму статью "Putting 'Ill' in Illarionov" в изначальном варианте, если кому интересно:
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