January 19th, 2019


От безделья

Шатдаун американского правительства приводит к некоторым неожиданным эффектам

Pornhub Reports Traffic Spike In Washington As Shutdown Drags On
Four weeks into what has become the longest federal government shutdown in history, federal workers and lawmakers alike are finding ways to keep busy.

According to PornHub, the free porn streaming website, average daily traffic in the Washington DC-area has risen by more than 6.3% since the shutdown began. What's more, not only has the site logged an increase in hours spent streaming its skin flicks, but the hours during which users are watching have shifted to include more weekday hours - suggesting that the temporarily out-of-work denizens of the capital are likely responsible for the surge. compared with levels prior to the shutdown, weekday visits have climbed more than 5.9%.
In another amusing twist, not all of the increase can be attributed to men. Viewership among females has risen by roughly 4% since the shutdown began.

Of course, federal workers aren't concentrated in Washington DC - they are spread out across the US, which is probably why overall viewership has risen in line with the levels from the Washington DC area...

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