July 10th, 2017


А они как ломанутся...

Dash for Bulgarian passports empties Albanian village

Десятки тысяч албанцев пользуются законодательными лазейками чтобы получить болгарский паспорт и вместе с ним вид на жительство в Евросоюзе, заявляя о своих "болгарских этнических корнях". В ресультате опустевают целые деревни и городки на востоке Албании.

...Trebisht (Albania) (AFP) - Trebisht in northeastern Albania looks like a ghost village, emptied of its residents by a rush to get Bulgarian passports that open the door to the European Union.

Arman Kadriu has an Albanian name, but the 12-year-old boy says he considers himself Bulgarian.

"I don't want to stay here taking care of cows. I want to be a football player," he said, covered in sweat, as he juggled a ball with his feet on a dusty road in the village in the Golo Brdo region.

"In England, with a Bulgarian passport, it's possible," he said, switching languages to say "Dovizhdane!" -- goodbye in Bulgarian....
Perched on a hill, Trebisht is a sleepy place.

A few men spend their day on the terrace of the "Democracy" bar and others work the land, while young people travel three kilometres (two miles) to cross the Macedonian border for temporary work.

Once the village counted "around 6,000 inhabitants, but more than 2,500 left four or five years ago when they had the opportunity to benefit from a Bulgarian passport," explained resident Tahir Mucina.

In the neighbouring village of Vernice "there is hardly anyone left", said the 31-year-old....