July 5th, 2016


То ли Альбион, то ли Албания

Британия выходит из Евросоюа? Ничего, Албания готова заменить её!

How Europe is looking to roll out the red carpet to MORE debt-ridden nations
EUROPE’S financial future has been thrown into doubt as EU bosses scramble to plug the multibillion pound financial blockhole left by the exiting UK.
But in true EU fashion, while one hand rushes to fix a problem, another appears to be welcoming one.
Last week it was revealed EU bosses were frantically trying to fill the 15 per cent hole in the EU Budget by 2020, after Britain voted to leave the EU.
But Brussels bosses are simultaneously preparing to roll out the red carpet to debt ridden countries like Albania.
Economists and Leave campaigners alike have warned of the possible financial consequences of opening the door to a country in financial crisis.
But it appears the Union is pressing ahead with talks and Albania could join as early as 2020.
Express.co.uk visited the country ahead of the vote - where nationals spoke of their desperation to join the Union - to pull their home out of spiralling debt.Albanians also spoke of their determination to move to European countries, especially the UK, when they are granted full membership.
While the country is undoubtedly making improvements, poverty is rife.
On the main streets in the capital Tirana, elderly men sell their own shoes, or tissues and cigarettes out of a bag, to make a living.
And while the old look for ways to make money, the city is also plagued with street beggars.
There are an estimated 2,500 Roma gypsies living on the streets of the country.
Further north of Tirana families have abandoned their own children and left for Europe to find money - at home they say there are no jobs.
Altin Goga, 36, owns a small coffee shop and village store in a township outside of the capital Tirana - and like many others, he is struggling to make ends meet.
He said: “It's not a good situation. It is desperate.
“People buy only the essential products.
“It is sugar and coffee. Very few will buy fruit and vegetables.“It is not easy in this country to have a profitable life and make honest money.
“The population is ageing, you can see.“
"Young people they just want to leave this country. They think the grass is greener on the other side and they can't wait to escape.
"It is not easy in this country to have a profitable life and make honest money.”...