April 28th, 2016


"Городничий - глуп, как сивый мерин..."

В связи со скандалом вокруг Theranos венчурные капиталисты Кремниевой долины начали писать доносы друг на друга:

Don’t Blame Silicon Valley for Theranos
...The first million dollars that the company received was from Tim Draper, a venture capitalist who became a venture capitalist through a very un-Silicon Valley-like route: His father was one (as was his grandfather). Mr. Draper had known Ms. Holmes as a childhood neighbor and playmate. The investors that followed Mr. Draper are a motley group, at least the ones visible in S.E.C. filings: a tiny firm named ATA Ventures; Continental Properties, a real estate company; and Donald L. Lucas, whose claim to fame was having invested in Oracle Corporation early...

Мы - такие умные, правильные, её (Элизабет Холмс) на порог бы не пустили. Это всякие козлы попутали, у которых Холмс была в блатной связи с детства...