March 30th, 2014



Heavy Metal: Putin's War
Palladium Will Run

As new information comes out about Ukraine, it is becoming clear that the U.S. created a coup to remove the duly elected president Viktor Yanukovych.
But things got out of hand.
Now, the administration/CIA is having buyer's remorse, as Putin reacted with boldness and speed to reclaim historically Russian territory.
Don't forget that Crimea voted to split with Ukraine and rejoin Russia. This is because 60% of the Crimean population thinks they are Russian.
And it's no wonder. Crimea has been part of Russia since Catherine the Great. Russia first officially annexed Crimea in 1783.
Furthermore, despite what the MSM says, there was no Russian invasion. They had troops in place from treaties and agreements.
Crimea is now Russia. It's a done deal. And backing the neo-Nazis now in power in Ukraine will end badly, just as getting involved in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Chile, Iran, Vietnam, Laos, and a long list of other third-world hellholes ended badly.
The only questions now are what the blowback will be and how we can profit from the coming sanctions. And there will be sanctions — along with the cliché of patriotic chest thumping and Obama's wagging finger.
One way to play it is to buy palladium. Here's why:
Most palladium is mined in South Africa and Russia.
The price is starting to move on increasing volume despite a commodity bust.
Palladium hit a 2½-year high late last week.
Two new palladium ETFs will suck up supply. The Standard Bank said it would launch a physically backed palladium exchange-traded fund in South Africa on Monday, and Absa Bank said its planned South African palladium ETF would begin trading on Thursday.
There are ongoing mining strikes in South Africa.
Russia's Norilsk is a large producer of palladium, and the threat that sanctions might shut off exports will force users to stock up.
Palladium is used in hydrogen fuel cells, and the industry is having a growth surge.