April 28th, 2013


Больше джихадистов, хороших и разных

Америке явно не хватает бомбистов, хочется создать условия чтобы они размножались как микробы в чашках Петри. Пусть эти чашки Петри будут не только в Саудовской Аравии, Йемене, Пакистане, но ещё и в Ираке, Ливии, Сирии, чем больше тем лучше.

Вооруженные Калашниковыми ливийцы пришли "выкуривать" сторонников Каддафи из МИД
...Не менее 20 машин с установленными на них зенитными орудиями, а также порядка 200 мужчин с автоматами Калашникова и снайперскими винтовками перекрыли подъезды к зданию ведомства...

A month after they pulled down a statue of President Bashar al-Assad's once feared father, people in a city in eastern Syria are living under a Jihadist regime that could be a taste of what is in store for the country if Assad himself is overthrown.
...Hardline Islamist brigades patrol streets abandoned by police. A religious court has replaced a collapsed judicial system, and minorities have fled, according to civic activists in Raqqa, the largest city to fall to the opposition since the uprising against four decades of Assad family rule broke out in March 2011.
The Jihadist show of force coupled with the absence of the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition, the main grouping of the political opposition, could consolidate an Islamist sweep in the north and east of the country. But the experience of Raqqa, where there have been demonstrations and strikes, shows that Islamist rule has got off to a difficult start.
...In a further sign of discontent with the new order, several hundred state employees, who have not been paid along with the rest of the public sector since Raqqa fell, demonstrated and torched cars belonging to rebel officials last week, sources in Raqqa said.