February 8th, 2013


Албанские нравы

Заметка в рейтеровском блоге про кровную вражду в Албании Tyranny of a blood feud

О семье которая вынуждена проводить всё время внутри своего дома из-за кровной вражды с другой семьёй. Дети растут запертыми в помещении как в тюрьме, не выходя даже во двор.

Visiting an Albanian family forced to live inside their walls because of a blood feud always borders on the surreal. A Reuters story of a girl armed with a hunting rifle ferrying supplies for her isolated family in her minivan was made straight into a movie and its Albanian director credited Reuters television for the idea.

There was no action in this one. The three kids had grown up inside their leaky house without ever knowing what the world outside was like. I had been trying for two months to get in touch with a teacher to help me take pictures of a family in northern Albania that had lived inside their house for the last 10 years because of a blood feud...

...They hide inside their home because the aggrieved family has imposed on them the harsh rule of the Kanun, a 15th Century Balkan code that gives the killed man’s family the right to kill the man who pulled the trigger in retribution. But a modern-day interpretation of the Kanun — after Albania toppled communism which almost stamped out the feuds — means not just males from the offending family but even children and women might not be spared. Some have been gunned down.

Когда-то в 15-м веке кодекс кровной мести распространялся только на мужчин. В период правления компартии кровная месть почти исчезла, но после падения режима возродилась в ещё более уродливой форме - теперь жертвами кровной мести могут стать и женщины и даже маленькие дети.

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And this is the country that erected a bronze statue of Clinton and received numerous visits from Bush and Blair, who were worshiped there. What draws the presidents and prime ministers of America and Britain to this medieval society?

Вперёд в светлое демократическое будущее, почти что член Евросоюза.