October 21st, 2007


В терновом венце революций грядёт 16-год

Случайно наткнулся на заметку в архиве NY Times за 1913-й год - рецензия на книгу некоего Алексинского изданную в США "Modern Russia". Автор видит сплошные ужасные контрасты и противоречия и предсказывает великие потрясения.

"M. GREGOR ALEXINSKY is the latest prophet of an imminent death struggle between Russian bureaucracy and the commercialized, half-starved and hot-headed Frankenstein of the moujik. He tells us that Russia to-day presents the picture of the Asiatic despotism of the bureaucrats and of what is in many respects a demoralized commercial civilization struggling for the whiphand -- the strange spectacle of a Tamerlane ruling a nation that has railroads, telegraphs, telephones, and wireless.
The problem of Russia to-day, as M. Alexinsky sees it, is due to a conflict between opposing economic types by force of which the national conflict is becoming a social conflict. He classifies those economic types as: The Absolute Power - the royal family, and the administrative, religious and military aristocracy; the new proletariat of commerce and manufacture constituing 16 percent of the population, mainly dwellers in the cities, and the peasantry who represent the passing Russian spirit and life though upon whose labors in the fields has always depended the success of the empire.
The great mass of the population, the farming element, is in a more unhappy position to-day than under serfdom. The efforts of the zemstvos, or local governments, have been repressed, and the methods of cultivation have not perceptibly improved..."

Надо сказать, рецензент из NYTimes выглядел не столь пессимистичным как автор книги:

"That, of course, is only one side of the Russian question. M.Alexinsky is an economist and he gauges Russian social and political progress by statistical evidence. His picture lacks a sympatehtic recognition of the Russian soul, that which gives the Russian his abundance when he is most poor, his might when he is most impotent."

Ага, "Умом Россию не понять"