November 6th, 2006


Еврейские штучки

Забавная статья в израильской газете - "Israel: Divorce America, Marry Russia":

Предлагается переключить "стратегическое партнёрство" с Америкой ("разрушающейся империи") в пользу России (усиливающейся державы). Явно не мейнстримное представление, но несколько лет назад такое нельзя было даже представить. Чувство жопы? Отрывок:

It is time Israel considered its other "superpower option." The way to neutralize Israel's main enemies in the region is to convince their backer that Israel is more valuable of an asset than they are. Israel could do this by moving away from the US and towards Russia.

Nobody hates the Russians -- nor should they. By contrast, many countries in the world (except Israel and Tony Blair) hate the US -- and by extension -- Israel. The US is economically weak -- devoid of energy sources. The only question is how long it will be able to cling to its superpower status.

In any new future alignment of the world's superpowers, it will likely be Russia, China and India against the US. In that scenario, Israel definitely has a much brighter future aligned economically and politically with these rising powers, especially Russia, than with the Americans.

While the US is a crumbling empire, Russian is doing very well economically, blessed with rich deposits of all natural resources and basic and precious metals. Unlike the US, Russia doesn't have to play games to ensure the flow of oil. Unfortunately, Israel gets sucked into the American orbit because of the "war on terrorism" that it has foisted on the world to justify its imperialistic goals.

In short -- Israel has been backing the wrong horse.