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Мой друг Peter Lavelle ("Untimely Thoughts") опубликовал заметку по
поводу облома европейского референдума:

Analysis: Russia and Europe's "no"

By Peter Lavelle
Published on June 02, 2005 . This article was written for UPI - United Press International

MOSCOW, June 2 (UPI) -- With the French and Dutch voters in revolt against Europe's political classes, the Kremlin looks on with a strong sense of satisfaction. Not only is "old Europe" learning something about democracy, but Moscow's foreign policy hand has been strengthened.
The unanimous passage by the European Union's 25 members of a European Constitution is key to building a united political union to compete with and balance the global influence of the United States, Russia and the rising powers of China and India. French and Dutch voters have effectively shelved that plan. In the meantime, it is Russia that stands to benefit from Europe's self-doubt and dissatisfaction with the pan-European project. 

А так же предыдущая, насчёт Ходорковского:

UT Comment: Why I will and won’t miss Mikhail Khodorkovsky
By Peter Lavelle
Published on May 31, 2005

Well, with Misha finally sentenced to do a lot of time; it’s worth reflecting on almost two years of writing on Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the Yukos affair. The following are 5 reasons I will miss this story and 5 reasons why I won’t.

Reasons why I will miss this story:

1. I have personally enjoyed writing on the “Oligarch War.” There has been lots of drama, personalities, and competing ideas.

2. It is too bad there won’t be another oligarch taken down in a similar way. Moving forward, oligarchs will be dealt with in more mundane ways – like discussing back taxes bill over coffee.

3. I will miss how the Menatep PR machine works – pumping millions of bucks into Western think tanks, supposed NGOs, and buying Western media. The upside is, of course, Menatep’s enemies have learned a few tricks about public relations: All one has to do is spend tons of money. …



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