Kirill Pankratov (neznaika_nalune) wrote,
Kirill Pankratov

Про eXile: "Moscow newspapers: the story of one title's survival"

Статья в английской газетке "The Independent":

Moscow newspapers: the story of one title's survival
Amid the tightly controlled and increasingly cowed Moscow media, irreverent English-language title 'The eXile' is a breath of fresh air. But how has the paper survived for nine years? Ed Caesar finds out

At The eXile, Moscow's iconic English-language freesheet, they have a clear editorial position. "Yeah," says the co-editor, Jake Rudnitsky: "We shit on everybody equally."

There, in one scatological sentence, is the secret of The eXile's success. In a city where, for the past six years, press freedoms have been systematically eroded - where Kommersant, Russia's last major newspaper not under Kremlin control was sold to the Putin-friendly steel oligarch Alisher Usmanov last month - The eXile is a bracing alternative.

Как страшно жить. Оказывается мы чуть ли не последний оплот свободы прессы в Москве. Глядишь скоро "совестью российской журналистики" обзовут. Или для этого сначала пристрелить должны?

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