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Что про Ходорковского писали в 1998

Как это ни странно кажется сегодня, но были времена когда "демократическая общественность" и "свободная пресса" пела совсем другие песни про Ходора. Наверное, до того как "Открытая Россия" стала рассовывать десятки миллионов на проплаты Менатеповской пропаганды ( )


В качестве примера приведу только две статьи: из Financial Times времён конца 1998, сравнивая соседей - Юкос и Сургут. Сравнение очень не лестное для Юкоса - мизерные зарплаты с большими задержками, запустение социальной сферы и городской инфраструктуры, полностью зависящей от Юкоса:

Financial Times 4 November 1998
SIBERIA: Economy shows its two faces

Arkady Ostrovsky visits the Siberian oil towns of Surgut and Nefteyugansk and finds radically different moods.

Across the river in Nefteyugansk, people rail against a slick Muscovite banking tycoon dressed in a Marlboro Classics shirt who bought their company, Yuganskneftegas, and milked it for profit, impoverishing the town in the process. Queuing recently outside a bank for their wages, which they had not received in full for three months, Nefteyugansk workers complained bitterly about Mikhail Khodorkovsky, one of the new class of bankers, the so-called "oligarchs". Some counted themselves lucky to receive Rbs200 ($12.50) - or 10 per cent of the wages due three months earlier.

Alevtina Kosareva, 43, says she has been forced to exchange her sewing machine for vegetables. "He [Khodorkovsky] keeps us on a drip-feed so we do not starve and continue to work for him. Khodorkovsky simply laughs at us. He does not even think we are people . . . In the past, masters fed their slaves, but the new masters do not bother." In the past two years Yukos - the loss-making oil company that owns 51 per cent of voting shares in Yuganskneftegas - has reduced wages by 30 per cent, cut its drilling programme, and laid off about 15,000 people, reducing the workforce to 39,000. It has transferred the old Soviet social responsibilities to the municipal budget, in line with advice from western consultants.

… "We have no sugar, no rice. God knows what we are going to eat in winter. There is no master in this town. We have the same resources as Surgut and look how we live," says Olga. Zoya Nikolaevna, a pensioner in Nefteyugansk, often goes to Surgut to buy food. "I was in Surgut last week, they have 30 kinds of sausage there. But here the shops are empty - just like in the Soviet days."

Surgut's comparative prosperity is partly due to the president of Surgutneftegas, Vladimir Bogdanov, who until recently was criticised as an old-style Soviet-era manager with xenophobic views. But his hands-on style management has paid off. Contrary to the advice of some western consultants, Mr Bogdanov continues to pay for schools and accommodation for his staff. In return he gets the loyalty of his workers, who have more faith in their management than in the central government.

А так же из Новой Газеты, примерно того же времени - о том как Ходорковский воровато-из-бюджето:

Государственная тайна империи Ходорковского


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